Thursday, October 16, 2014

Importance of Marriage and Having the Right Heart

The scriptures constantly teach the importance of marriage and in D&C 132 the Lord strongly emphasizes the importance of that law.  The question is if we will align our hearts with His law (D&C 132:21)?

Once we are married, the covenant is designed to stretch our hearts to the size of His heart if we will let it.  "Prepare thy heart" to live great principles in daily married life; kindness, faith, loyalty, good cheer, unselfishness, and work at home.  These all depend upon having the right kind of heart.

We can all progress even if we don't have the ideal marriage at present.  The Lord has given us instructions as to how to do it and he continually leads, guides and urges us in the better way.

As we continue to yearn for further light, and as we overcome obstacles and weaknesses, we eventually become prepared for an even greater, and heavenly, home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marriage is the Highest Calling We Will Ever Have

"Marriage is the highest calling we will ever have.  Few people in this world will notice if we succeed at it.  The happiest outcomes are made public after the probation is over, after our chances have expired.  For now, the surrounding culture will probably not punish us for a weak effort.  Nor can we expect a worldly reward for giving our all to it.   However, to fulfill the mission of marriage is like dropping a huge rock into heaven's living waters.  Be ever so quiet and private if you want, but the ripples will grow as they cross the surface of eternity."  Inviting Him In, p. 71

"The lawful association of the sexes is ordained of God...for the development of the higher-faculties and nobler traits of human nature, which, the love-inspired companionship of man and woman alone can insure."  Joseph F. Smith

We believe in and sustain the wonderful calling of marriage as ordained by God and between one man and one woman.  We've seen the sadness in the loss of happiness as family life and commitment to these principles has declined in recent years.  We, along with men of God, testify of the sanctify of home and family and the importance of each partner in living, to the fullest, to their God-given potential.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Very Cute Log Beds for Sale! Good only until Oct. 10th

So...we connected with this great little LDS company in Montana who are offering, for a limited time, a sale on their sweet and sturdy log beds.  We wanted to help them out by advertising for them and invite you to share this with any you think may be interested.

We've learned, in life, that we're here to help one another.  This great little company is one that could use our current help to get the word out.

Thanks for any support you may offer and blessings to you for doing so!  :)

Click here to read more:  Log Bed in a Box

Saturday, October 4, 2014

LDS General Conference

Today and tomorrow are two of the best days of the year for members of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS); where we receive guidance and counsel from living oracles of God.  They are Prophets, Seers, and Revelators, chosen to teach, instruct and edify in the ways of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

We invite all to join us in learning more about Christ, His gospel, and His example.  He wants us to love, serve and care for one another; and to become more like Him.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Number of Prayers We 'Answer'

I'm grateful for answers to prayers.  They've come to me, over a life-time, in different ways.  Some were small, and hints of ideas or inspiration, some were larger and more sure.  But, they've all blessed my life and helped me along the path we call mortality.

Sometimes we're the answer to someone else's prayer either through service, a kind word, a prompting heeded, a message delivered, a hug given or a smile rendered.  It's very rewarding when we know that we're the answer to someone else's need.  There is no greater joy than helping a fellow traveller.

Other times we need our answers to be met and...during those pleading or longing times we are grateful for someone who will come to our aid - by their heeding the call.

In my life I know that I've needed the help from others' from time to time.  I've often been deeply grateful for those who felt to help me or my children.  Sometimes that support has brought me to tears.  For it, and all kindnesses shown to me over a lifetime, I'm grateful.

Life can be very hard and present us many challenges.  Kindnesses, love, support, empathy, and encouragement along the way are helpful and appreciated by most of us.  I hope that we can continue to love and care for those along our paths.  For, I believe, we'll be judged according to how we treated our fellowman and..we'll reap either joy or sorrow for those choices.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stress Usually Comes From Letting Unimportant Things Into Our Lives

"Stress does not usually come from slow traffic, bad news, or hectic schedules.  It comes from letting so many unimportant things into your life that you do not have room for the important ones.  If you let too many things into your schedule, it is hard to spend time with your sweetheart (or other loved ones).  The result is that you get a little too businesslike, rushing past each other from one unimportant chore to another.  Maybe you even get a little irritated if the one you love keeps you from doing something.  That is not good, and it is not courageous.

"Admit what is important and then give it the time it deserves.  Admit what is NOT important and then refuse to lavish precious time on it."

Letting Him In, p. 205

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Get Rid of Things You Do Not Need

One of my favorite things is to have order and peace.  It's not always that way when I'm surrounded by 'stuff and things', paperwork, other people and their things and...moving from a larger space to a smaller one.

Recently I've been downsizing (again)'s 'freeing'.  I hope to be able to maintain a simpler lifestyle - getting rid of past 'stuff' and making way to be able to serve better because I'm free from clutter, past energies, things that no longer serve a purpose in the here and now and...any amount of materialism.

My friend Tomas recently told me "all we really need is a bed and some food to eat."  That's a simplified version but very telling and pretty accurate as to the counsel we've been given from church leaders and, even, the Lord himself.

Anyway, today I found this little section that I just love.  It rings true to me as if I could have written it myself; though he does a much better job than I could have.  It's worthy of all our study.

With love,

Excerpts from his excellent book "Inviting Him In" by Wayne E. Brickey:  (pgs. 206-207)

Clutter is not just about things; it is also about space.  Like time and money, we have a certain amount of space to spend, and we want to spend it on what is important.  Our frame of mind will be better if our homes and yards and garages and offices are clean and well-kept.

Get rid of things you do not need.  If you do not use it, or if it is broken and you are not going to fix it right away, or if you really do not have room for it, remove it from your life.  One of our worst enemies is anything that impedes our lives.

You ought to look around and see reminders of your purpose in life.

"What do I need to keep" is usually better than "what should I get rid of?"

Few facts, papers, and objects that come to you in this world are worthy of your time or space.  Fear clings; faith lets go.  Remember how hard it is to open a door when your hands are full?  You are in this world primarily to open doors.

Remember the handcart pioneers.  Some of them took so much with them that they could not quite finish the journey.

Set your house in order, not just your things.  It does little good merely to rearrange stuff or repack it in new ways.  That organizes the stress but does not remove it.  To set a house in order is to make it available.  Try to match your home with your purpose in life.  That is what the Lord's house does.  Everything there matches its purpose.