Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Passing of Stacey Benson Bown

The past few days have been difficult and tender ones for me.  My dear and sweet friend, Stacey Benson Bown passed from this mortal existence into the next, Oct. 3, 2015.  It was in a tragic and unexpected way, which rattles the soul, and I have sought solace and comfort from the Lord in knowing and understanding more about this.

Left: Stacey Benson Bown at High School Reunion - 2014 (with Vonda Skousen Teichert - right)

Stacey and I grew up together.  We were neighbors, friends, and in the same ward (church congregation.)  In Junior High she was my best friend for a year or two - and we shared some of our youthful 'crushes' and hopes and dreams together.  She was an accomplished gymnast and I remember how happy she was when Carl G. told her that she was the best he'd ever seen.

My heart goes out to her family; her husband and children, her parents and siblings, and so many friends and co-workers her life touched.

More than ever before I've come to realize how the life of each of us - affects those around us.

Stacey's influence was one of good cheer.
Even in her darkest hours, she seemed to have the gift of looking for the good and taking things in her stride.  She was bubbly, cheerful and happy; a beautiful woman.

I miss her.  I feel a great sense of loss.  Yet, I know I will see her again someday, and that's the only comfort I can find at this time.

My thoughts and prayers (along with those of many friends and classmates) go out to her family.  They must be suffering tremendously.  We all pray they may be comforted and helped and strengthened during this time which is so painful and shocking.

I love you, Stacey, and pray for those you love.
I hope you are well and happy and meeting those you knew in life.  There are so many who have gone before.  I hope they greeted you warmly and welcomed you to your Heavenly Home.  What a blessing that must be.


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Stacey Benson Bown - Obituary (still pending)
Stacey Benson - Miss Orem, 1982

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 Things to Do Today for Greater Peace

At the top of my planner each day I write the things that are most needful for me to do.  Heading the list are the things of the greatest worth that help keep me balanced and focused on what matters most.

I've found that if I don't keep balanced - I start to sink.  So, here are 7 things that help me maintain a healthy equilibrium and bring me greater peace.

Sailing Over Indian Ocean
1. Sincere Prayer - to start the morning
2. Meditation - a must, to 'be still' and listen quietly to answers I seek
3. Scripture Study - needful and cherished.  I have come to love them the more I read!  Truly!
4. A Daily Walk with God - a treasured experience (at least 15-20 minutes around the park)
5. Eat well, live well.  Increasingly understood as to the importance of fresh and natural foods
6. Forgive; everyone for everything.  Not always easy but a huge load removed when I do
7. Breathe deeply - My body reminds me to do this when needed.  It truly helps to calm and regroup

These are basic foundations for the rest of the day.
They are truly needful as I desire to be whole and happy.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

15 Powerful Words that Will Bring You Greater Peace and Joy

Our thoughts define who we are.  If we are not careful we can fill our minds with negative things which are filled with negative 'energy'.  These things cause us to feel sick to the depths of our souls and in every cell of our bodies.

Research is finding that our thoughts can make us sick or heal us.  Let's do the latter.

Each word we mull around in our minds has an effect on our soul.  The way we spend our time in places of light or darkness - makes a difference in how we feel physically, mentally, and spiritually.  In fact, those three things are all connected into one whole; our person.

Here are 15 words which lived and practiced will bring greater Peace and Joy into each of our lives.  They are time-tested true principles.

15 words that will heal and fill

1. Love:  the most powerful emotion in the universe.
2. Charity:  the 'pure love' of Christ - by which all things were made that were made. 
3. Kindness: to ourselves and to one another.  It's a truth.
4. Hope:  Trust in the truth gives us HOPE that all things will work out, in the end, if we continue to press forward in the Light.
5. Light: a beautiful energy which lights our way, our path, our thoughts and our energies.  It gives us greater insight into what matters most and 'lifts' us to find a better way.
6. Truth: a favorite energy path that teaches us the way to go, gives us hope and light; as all are interconnected.
7.  Happiness:  the design of our existence and will be if we let all things go that are not of happiness.
8.  Forgiveness:  a healing power which is priceless.  Weight can be lifted immediately as soon as we 'let go and let God'.
9.  Repentance: denotes a change in our heart, a desire to do better, a lifting of the soul to a higher realm when we truly understand this God-given principle; an incredible gift!
10.  Mercy:  to and with one another for our weaknesses, imperfections, inherited traits we're trying to overcome, false beliefs which hold us back, lackings, longings etc.  They all help teach us patience.
11.  Patience:  with ourselves and one another.  Most of us want to do better and to be happy.  Patience is a trait to be 'practiced' as we experience life-schooling together.
12.  Humor:  a gentle way to let the experience the load a bit lighter.
13.  Wonderment:  Creativity, Learning, Awe at God's creations - gives us hope that there is a plan for all of this and for all of us.  We're not here by chance.  All these things have a great purpose.
14.  Good Cheer:  "Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world" is the whole reason we're here.
15.  Consideration:  Consideration, Kindness, Empathy fill us with the light, peace, and joy we come here to attain.

Let us always focus on the Light of the World, which makes us better, helps us heal, gives us hope for better days to come, leads us to love, kindness, consideration and mercy for one another.

Words matter!  They make a difference in how we feel, heal, and see the world.  Let us focus on the good ones that fill our lives with love, joy, and happiness!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Are Daughter's of our Heavenly Father - Book Tour

I haven't read this book but am so happy to share it with you all.  Jen Brewer has taken each section of the Young Women Values and shared added insights and material to help all better understand the meanings.

In our world today these timeless truths are more precious than ever before.  As we seek to teach our children and youth about the importance of staying close to the Lord and heeding all of His commandments - we are blessed with added materials and experiences from others' - to help us in this most important of all quests.

We invite all to ponder these truths and purchase the book if they feel to do so.   Purchase Here.

We Are Daughters blog tour

Learn the importance of the words you repeat each week. 
This inspirational book helps you better understand the Young Women theme 
by breaking down each section and sharing the story of how and why the theme was created. 

Discover your divine potential and how important you are in God’s plan! 
Thought-provoking and uplifting, this book offers new insights for parents, leaders, 
and all young women.

About the author:
Jen Brewer received her degree in dietetics from BYU, married her husband, and spent the next 10 years traipsing around the country with him as he pursued a medical degree, while adding children to their ever-growing family.  They have now settled in Minnesota, where she works full time as a mother of 7, as well as pursues her passions of nutrition education, speaking to the youth, and writing.   She speaks often to various groups of all ages.  Her passion is reaching out to the youth and helping them see their true potential in the kingdom of God.  She is a popular speaker at education week youth track, as well as at stakes and wards all over the country.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

FRESH Tomato Salsa (Texas Caviar)

Yummy Fresh Tomato Salsa or "Texas Caviar"
This recipe is from my sweet sister-in-law.  It was a huge hit at our family reunion several years ago and...a family favorite to this day.

Fresh Tomato Salsa
6 med. ripe tomatoes (diced)
2 bunches green onions (chopped)
3-4 limes - squeeze juice into mixture
1 bunch cilantro (finely chopped)
Salt and Pepper to taste. 

For Texas Caviar (pictured) add:
1 15 oz. can Garbonzo Beans (drained and rinsed)
1 15 oz. can Black Beans (drained and rinsed)
1 15 oz. can Corn (drained and rinsed)
1 ripe Avocado - diced

Serve with your favorite chips and Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NEW Book Release TODAY! For Returned Missionaries

How does a returning missionary make a successful transition into the next phase of their life?  This is a question many are asking - as their children are finishing up full-time service and beginning new chapters in their continued growth and development.

Benjamin White, Seminary Teacher, Education Week Presenter, Father, Neighbor, Friend, answers this in his new book "10 Questions to Answer After Serving a Mission."

NEW Release TODAY:  10 Questions to answer AFTER serving a Mission

I wish we'd had this 9 months ago when my daughter returned from the Virginia, Chesapeake Mission - as it would have been very helpful.  But, I'm grateful we have it now - as the principles still apply and it will also be very beneficial for my son who will be returning home next year.

This book will help returned, or returning, missionaries 
assess their commitment to the Lord. 

By incorporating missionary skills into their post-mission life, 
(dating, school, career plans, temple attendance) 
they can create their own gospel goals and habits 
that will extend into the eternities. 

This publication would be a wonderful gift for newly returning missionaries and even those who've been home for a while - and is a continuation of the content presented in Brother White's previous powerful publication:
10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission.

We have come to love and trust Brother White and know that he was inspired to compile this information for so many who are in need during these changing times. These basic truths will help keep them on the correct path of activity and happiness. We are grateful for all his efforts - in behalf of the rest of us - to teach, instruct, and inspire. 

From the back of the book we read:

The Transition from mission life to the rest of your life can be a tricky one, 
but not if you use the principles you already know from Preach My Gospel 
to help you live the gospel everyday. 

This illuminating book asks penetrating questions to help you 
assess your spiritual and personal life progress and will help keep
you on track. Learn how to endure to the end and stay active your
whole life long with this must read book for all returned missionaries. 

Displaying Cover full FINAL.pdf.