Friday, September 19, 2014

The Number of Prayers We 'Answer'

I'm grateful for answers to prayers.  They've come to me, over a life-time, in different ways.  Some were small, and hints of ideas or inspiration, some were larger and more sure.  But, they've all blessed my life and helped me along the path we call mortality.

Sometimes we're the answer to someone else's prayer either through service, a kind word, a prompting heeded, a message delivered, a hug given or a smile rendered.  It's very rewarding when we know that we're the answer to someone else's need.  There is no greater joy than helping a fellow traveller.

Other times we need our answers to be met and...during those pleading or longing times we are grateful for someone who will come to our aid - by their heeding the call.

In my life I know that I've needed the help from others' from time to time.  I've often been deeply grateful for those who felt to help me or my children.  Sometimes that support has brought me to tears.  For it, and all kindnesses shown to me over a lifetime, I'm grateful.

Life can be very hard and present us many challenges.  Kindnesses, love, support, empathy, and encouragement along the way are helpful and appreciated by most of us.  I hope that we can continue to love and care for those along our paths.  For, I believe, we'll be judged according to how we treated our fellowman and..we'll reap either joy or sorrow for those choices.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stress Usually Comes From Letting Unimportant Things Into Our Lives

"Stress does not usually come from slow traffic, bad news, or hectic schedules.  It comes from letting so many unimportant things into your life that you do not have room for the important ones.  If you let too many things into your schedule, it is hard to spend time with your sweetheart (or other loved ones).  The result is that you get a little too businesslike, rushing past each other from one unimportant chore to another.  Maybe you even get a little irritated if the one you love keeps you from doing something.  That is not good, and it is not courageous.

"Admit what is important and then give it the time it deserves.  Admit what is NOT important and then refuse to lavish precious time on it."

Letting Him In, p. 205

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Get Rid of Things You Do Not Need

One of my favorite things is to have order and peace.  It's not always that way when I'm surrounded by 'stuff and things', paperwork, other people and their things and...moving from a larger space to a smaller one.

Recently I've been downsizing (again)'s 'freeing'.  I hope to be able to maintain a simpler lifestyle - getting rid of past 'stuff' and making way to be able to serve better because I'm free from clutter, past energies, things that no longer serve a purpose in the here and now and...any amount of materialism.

My friend Tomas recently told me "all we really need is a bed and some food to eat."  That's a simplified version but very telling and pretty accurate as to the counsel we've been given from church leaders and, even, the Lord himself.

Anyway, today I found this little section that I just love.  It rings true to me as if I could have written it myself; though he does a much better job than I could have.  It's worthy of all our study.

With love,

Excerpts from his excellent book "Inviting Him In" by Wayne E. Brickey:  (pgs. 206-207)

Clutter is not just about things; it is also about space.  Like time and money, we have a certain amount of space to spend, and we want to spend it on what is important.  Our frame of mind will be better if our homes and yards and garages and offices are clean and well-kept.

Get rid of things you do not need.  If you do not use it, or if it is broken and you are not going to fix it right away, or if you really do not have room for it, remove it from your life.  One of our worst enemies is anything that impedes our lives.

You ought to look around and see reminders of your purpose in life.

"What do I need to keep" is usually better than "what should I get rid of?"

Few facts, papers, and objects that come to you in this world are worthy of your time or space.  Fear clings; faith lets go.  Remember how hard it is to open a door when your hands are full?  You are in this world primarily to open doors.

Remember the handcart pioneers.  Some of them took so much with them that they could not quite finish the journey.

Set your house in order, not just your things.  It does little good merely to rearrange stuff or repack it in new ways.  That organizes the stress but does not remove it.  To set a house in order is to make it available.  Try to match your home with your purpose in life.  That is what the Lord's house does.  Everything there matches its purpose.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Being a Disciple is Not What Makes Life Difficult

"Beings one of Jesus' disciples is not what makes life difficult; living in a mortal world is what makes it difficult!  Jesus' call to come unto him is a call for us to let him guide us, help us, and comfort us as we struggle with the burden of mortality.  The question each of us must ask ourselves, is how will we respond to his invitation?"  He Will Give You Rest, p. 102

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Motherhood: Highest and Holiest Service

“During my professional career as a doctor of medicine, I was occasionally asked why I chose to do that difficult work. I responded with my opinion that the highest and noblest work in this life is that of a mother. Since that option was not available to me, I thought that caring for the sick might come close. I tried to care for my patients as compassionately and competently as Mother cared for me.
Many years ago the First Presidency issued a statement that has had a profound and lasting influence upon me. “Motherhood,” they wrote, “is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.
Because mothers are essential to God’s great plan of happiness, their sacred work is opposed by Satan, who would destroy the family and demean the worth of women.” --  Russell M. Nelson, “Our Sacred Duty to Honor Women

Sunday, August 31, 2014

God and Mothers; Partners in Creation

May each of us treasure this truth; one cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one.  - Monson, Behold Thy Mother

Monday, July 7, 2014

Women with Spiritual Discernment

Discernment is critical for our times.  President Boyd K. Packer has said, “We need women with the gift of discernment who can view the trends in the world and detect those that, however popular, are shallow” (Ensign, Nov. 1978, 8). That is exactly what we need.
From we find the following information about the gift of discernment.  It's worthy of our ponder since we are in a critical time in the age of the world and in great need of spiritual gifts to protect our homes and families.  The gifts of the Spirit are of the greatest gifts and blessings of God.

To understand or know something through the power of the Spirit. The gift of discernment is one of the gifts of the Spirit. It includes perceiving the true character of people and the source and meaning of spiritual manifestations.
  • Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart:1 Sam. 16:7;
  • Wo unto them that call evil good:Isa. 5:20; ( 2 Ne. 15:20; )
  • The things of God are spiritually discerned:1 Cor. 2:14;
  • To some people is given the gift of discerning of spirits:1 Cor. 12:10;
  • Ammon could discern his thoughts:Alma 18:18, 32;
  • The small voice did pierce them that did hear:3 Ne. 11:3;
  • That ye may not be deceived, seek the best gifts:D&C 46:8, 23;
  • Church leaders are given power to discern the gifts of the Spirit:D&C 46:27;
  • That body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things:D&C 88:67;
  • Moses beheld the earth, discerning it by the Spirit of God:Moses 1:27;