Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello Beautiful Friends... Have You Grabbed Our Button?

Hello Beautiful Friends,
Isn't it a great time to be alive?  Thank you for all you are doing.  You're a blessing to many and are making a difference in the world.  You really are! Thanks for your great posts and for the integrity with which you live your lives.
I've noticed that many of you have not grabbed our button.  Will you please do so?  This site has been provided to you as a place to meet others' and intermingle.  It's taken years to get it to this point and
many hours to maintain.  All this has been a FREE service to you.  If you don't link back to us then you are getting free advertising but without reciprocation.'s in that spirit that we sincerely request your help in letting others' know this policy.  If you're leaving a message on a site that doesn't have our button will you kindly suggest they do so?  It would mean a lot!

Thanks so much and keep up the good work.  We know it's not always easy but we also know you've got good tools to be able to do so.

Heidi G.


LeAnn said...

Thanks so much for keeping this site going. I love being part of it and it is amazing what wonderful things we learn from each other in our posts.
Blessings to you for your efforts!

Jo said...

You have done a fantastic job with this site. I appreciate your work. Its a great place to come and feel not so alone in the world of non believers.

Heidi G. said...

Oh, thank you both!!!! You made my day. Sometimes, like some of the rest of you, I wonder if anyone reads. :) So...thank you! I hope you'll get an extra blessing today for being so kind to me!

Music Notes said...

Thanks for adding my site. I added the button this morning when I requested to be added. I wish I'd found this site sooner. Thank you for your nice email and comment on my blog!