Monday, April 21, 2014

What are your Best SPRING Cleaning IDEAS?

Cleaning Ideas
Yay, Spring is here!  And, with it often comes fresh air and sunshine.

I'm one who loves a clean home and open windows.  I've also blogged about organizing and cleaning ideas.  But, today, I ask all of you:  'What are Your favorite Spring Cleaning ideas?" 

Here are a few of mine:

- Windows: bucket of water with a few drops of blue Dawn dish washing liquid.  Wet windows with sponge or rag and....use squeegie to clean very nicely. (do in shade - not full-sun)

- Rooms:  Declutter.  That makes ALL the difference.  Dust and clean, vacuum etc.  (You don't have to have all your decor out at once.  Be selective as to things that are most uplifting to you.  Box up or give others' away to charity.  Someone else may love something that you no longer need.)

- Closets:  Go through closets one item at a time.  Have 3 containers handy - 1. Keep but store (winter items),  2. Give away (to someone else in need - if you no longer like, need, fit into), 3. Mend or Repair (only if you REALLY want to keep it and are really sure you'll mend or fix. Otherwise, it also becomes clutter.)

- Kitchen: Drawers (how many measuring cups do you really need?).  Put things you rarely use on top shelves or in storage area.  Keep things you use often closer to you.  Sort out drawers and toss garbage, and give things away that you don't use.  (often a simple paring knife will do most cutting, chopping jobs.)  Nifty gadget may be 'cool' but...actually unnecessary and take up precious space.

- Principles:
1.  We don't really need as much as we often have.
2.  Clutter makes everything take longer.  - A place for everything and everything in it's place.
3.  'Simplify'
4.   Share.  When our season is done with something we ought to provide it for someone in need.
5.   Don't buy things you don't really need.  "Bridle' yourself. 
                     Wherefore, do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that
                     which cannot satisfy.  2 Nephi 9:51
6.   Our journey is about setting our hearts upon the things of God and NOT on ANY material things. First Commandment.  Everything He's given us is a stewardship to see how we'll use it.  He asks us to use it to bless and help and strengthen others' and build up HIS Kingdom.  Not our own
7.  Be grateful for everything the Lord has blessed us with; His teachings and gospel.
8.  KNOW that EVERYTHING is HIS.  We are stewards.  How are we doing with that?

What are Your BEST ideas?


notmolly said...

Clear out, clear out, clear out! Weeding down our possessions to a pleasant, workable minimum has helped SO much with lightening the cottage and keeping it tidy. We tend to always have a bag going for donations, and in the spring, the pace kicks up a lot. We weed down the wardrobes, weed down the books, everything. Okay, books are rarely weeded down very much, but we try. :) We also re-paint in the spring; this year it's the windowsills, moldings/trims, and doors that will get the most painting attention.

Heidi Allen Garvin said...

WONDERFUL!!!! You're inspirational! And...great idea about repainting!

Kelly Steel said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

Marie said...

I am all about the decluttering. With change of seasons, comes cleaning out the closets and dressers. Everything comes out and we choose carefully what will go back in. With it warming up, we also begin sorting and cleaning out in the shed and garage in preparation for spring planting & outdoor fun.

We try to live by the adage "if an item is not useful, beautiful or does not bring you joy, than you should not have it in your home."

Elizabeth said...

Thank you! it is wonderful to simplify. I think that I need to try the Dawn idea. I also NEED to declutter. Plus this has given me an idea for a post for my blog! Thanks!

Heidi Allen Garvin said...

Great advice, Marie, and sound principles! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Elizabeth. Good luck with it all. And...Let us know about your blog post when you get it written. :)

Lisa Jackson said...

Spring cleaning, hopefully this year, will include steam clean carpets. De-junking is awesome, too. I have too many toys here. I would also like to get the canning jars that are empty in the storage room, and move them to the carport storage shed for now. That will free up some space in the storage room. I also try to buy my favorite books on kindle, so that I can replace the physical books and send them to the D.I., clearing up some space on bookshelves. I need to look through the homeschool books and arrange for a book giveaway deal with the lovpcal homeschoolers. I have too many curriculum items I will never use, because we tried them and they were just not for us!

Heidi Allen Garvin said...

Thanks, Lisa,
Great ideas and motivation. And...wonderful about the books. I, too, have found that many books are for a 'season' and then, we're done. No need to hang on to them. It's 'freeing' to downsize!

Thank you all for your great comments!