Thursday, August 24, 2017

Just returned from a trip to Egypt, Israel and Turkey

My husband and I recently returned from an 18-day trip to Egypt, Israel and Turkey. We were, once again, struck by the thoughts of how blessed we've been to have the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ in our lives.  The guidance of the Holy Spirit has brought us peace through many years of life challenges and joys.

Egypt, Pyramids

Israel; Dome of the Rock

Turkey; Ephesus

We are still newly married (almost 2 years) after his beloved wife Chris passed away from cancer a few years back. I was grateful to find a good and worthy man who loves the Lord and has tried to serve Him all his life.

After almost 16 years of raising my children alone - we met and married and are now figuring out the next chapters of our lives.

This mortal experience has a way of teaching us things we never thought we'd need (or perhaps want) to learn and yet there is great growth in it and many blessings to be had after the experience.

There is opposition in all things and we've both experienced many of those; joy/pain, grief, despair, loneliness, happiness, hope, love, sadness, sorrow and faith.  We are grateful for the Lord's plan of happiness which allows us eternal progression until we become like Him; from whence all good/blessings come.

We were grateful to experience Egypt, Israel and Turkey, and enjoy the beautiful fruits of the labors of Dr. Michael Wilcox, our guide and teacher. As we traveled from biblical site to biblical site we felt greatly blessed to 'come and see' where past experiences took place. We were taught from on-high about the histories of countries and peoples and the consequences of their either choosing good or evil.

So, my 'lesson' for today is to appreciate what we have; meaning, the gospel of Jesus Christ. With that comes freedom from many of the woes and tribulations of our day. There are many. There is much of poverty, sorrow and suffering in the world.  There is also much of hope and joy as some learn of the goodness of God and His desire for their well-being. The choice is ours. Whom will we choose to follow?  Light or Dark? Goodness or Evil. Poverty or wealth (not just temporal).

Blessings to many of you.
Hope you will find joy in the journey as there is much of it to be found.