About Me

I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Christ's restored church here upon the earth. I love Him and am sincerely striving to follow His example, keep His commandments, repent when I err, forgive those who have wronged me, and live so as to have His Spirit with me. My great desire is to be worthy to live with Him again someday. 

I seek to share things of beauty and holiness that have helped me in my life; hoping it will bless and strengthen some of you. 


Mission in Florida
Ephesus - before Mission 

You can also find me here: 
On His Errand (our recent missionary service in Florida)
Women of Light (still figuring out the direction of that one)

My blogs:
I think it was around 2004 when I started my first blog after a strong impression that I needed to provide a wholesome place for LDS women to connect theirs. It soon turned into an aggregate list of over 600+ bloggers. Additionally, I did about 15 other blogs for various reasons and causes; including those of motherhood, homeschooling, preparedness, church assignments etc.  These years later I've reduced my work load to just a few and have turned the original blog (MormonMoms) into my own site where I can share my thoughts and feelings more easily. I've kept the original lists of bloggers but am no longer keeping up the aggregate (a huge job).  :)