Saturday, August 26, 2017

What Happens When We Die?

I am just one Mormon Mom trying to do good, teach my children right, and Keep the Commandments of God. I study each day in the scriptures and try to do and be better all the time.
Today I share our belief about what happens to us when we die. I know it's an important topic that affects us all. I hope this will bring someone comfort they need. 

My own sweet Mother passed away this past April. I think of her every day and sometimes feel her presence. Even though I miss her tremendously, I am comforted in knowing that we shall all be together again someday; reunited in love as a family and never to be separated again. 

My sweet mother (2nd from left) with her twin sister on their 81st birthday - with some of her 8 children and 30+ grandchildren. Mom passed away this past April - just a few weeks after this photo was taken.

Today I share our Believe on: "What Happens When You Die?"
"Death is the separation of your body from your spirit. Unlike your physical body, which eventually stops functioning and dies, your spirit will continue to exist. After death your spirit will reside in a temporary afterlife while you await resurrection. When you are resurrected, as Jesus Christ was, your spirit will be reunited with your own perfected, immortal body. Then you will be judged by God and live forever according to your eternal reward.  Read MORE HERE:"