All About Preparedness (My Blog)

For many years I have studied "preparedness" and I'm grateful for that. I've now moved on to other things in this life but just want to share that the more we know, the greater peace we may find!  The Lord WANTS to bless His children, keep them safe, help them draw near unto Him. He does NOT want us to live in fear - as that is NOT of Him.

As we prepare for any eventuality (temporal or spiritual) we will be blessed for our efforts and He will help us in those preparations. A bit at a time we can build up a long-term supply of food, water, clothing. If we are wise and don't get into debt, we will find the peace that He has for us. blog about preparedness isn't an on-going effort to maintain it anymore - is filled with excellent information for those of you who may just be starting-out on your journey to be prepared.
I wish you the very best in doing so and promise you, as the Lord has promised us, 'If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."
All About Preparedness (My Blog)

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