Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NEEDED: LDS Mother/Daughter Pregnant at the Same Time for ABC Documentary

Hello friends,
I was contacted today by ABC FAMILY about a documentary they are doing on Mothers/Daughters who are pregnant at the same time.  I told them I would help spread the word.  Deadline is next week sometime.   Will you please help spread the word?

This would be a wonderful opportunity for LDS/Mormon Women to share their feelings on motherhood and womanhood, with others in the world.

Here's the message:
"...we are creating a life-centered, family-oriented documentary series with the Executive Producer of OPRAH. This series chronicles the lives of Moms and daughters who are both pregnant simultaneously.
This series is an opportunity to share the stories of Moms and Daughters who have chosen life during what may be unique or inconvenient circumstances.

I have a attached a flyer about our program. If possible, could you forward this information to any family who might be in this unique situation? I believe this could be a positive opportunity for a Mom and Daughter.

Any expecting mom, can call or email me directly at 323-860-8900 or mark.pomerville@rrstaff.com

Mark Pomerville
Family Series
O. 323-860-8900