Monday, November 16, 2015

Teach the Children; An Agency Approach to Education

As some of you may know - I was asked to present at the Agency-Based Education Conference this past weekend in Provo, Utah.  I was thrilled to meet Neil J. Flinders, author extraordinaire of "Teach the Children; an Agency Approach to Education" as well as Joyce Kinmont, homeschooler extraordinaire and founder of

Our little family 16 years ago
 Also in the audience were Gayle Ruzicka- leader extraordinaire and President of Utah Eagle Forum.

All three of these people have been instrumental in my life without them ever knowing.  But, they know it now.

I pray that the rising generation will continue with the torches these people have lit and carried, and continue to carry, and that we will rise to the occasions required of us for our time and day.

There are many 'noble and great ones' (Abr. 3:22-23) among us who lead and show us the way.

I was grateful to be numbered among some excellent speakers at the Conference, spearheaded by Oak Norton, visionary and leader extraordinaire.

These are not just regular people. They are regular people who have been 'called of God' (in my opinion and estimation) and heeded that call to do what they are doing. Their willingness to do so has and is changing lives.  I credit them for being willing to answer the call of duty and to strengthen the feeble knees (excellent article from Elder Marvin J. Ashton).

Let us do the same as we seek to strengthen our homes, families, communities, neighborhoods and countries.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation I shared - which includes many of the prophetic statements and strong quotes that helped me set a foundation for my family I sought to help teach them correct principles and become as 'educated' as they could.

"Un-Schooling"  PowerPoint Presentation: