Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NEW Book Release TODAY! For Returned Missionaries

How does a returning missionary make a successful transition into the next phase of their life?  This is a question many are asking - as their children are finishing up full-time service and beginning new chapters in their continued growth and development.

Benjamin White, Seminary Teacher, Education Week Presenter, Father, Neighbor, Friend, answers this in his new book "10 Questions to Answer After Serving a Mission."

NEW Release TODAY:  10 Questions to answer AFTER serving a Mission

I wish we'd had this 9 months ago when my daughter returned from the Virginia, Chesapeake Mission - as it would have been very helpful.  But, I'm grateful we have it now - as the principles still apply and it will also be very beneficial for my son who will be returning home next year.

This book will help returned, or returning, missionaries 
assess their commitment to the Lord. 

By incorporating missionary skills into their post-mission life, 
(dating, school, career plans, temple attendance) 
they can create their own gospel goals and habits 
that will extend into the eternities. 

This publication would be a wonderful gift for newly returning missionaries and even those who've been home for a while - and is a continuation of the content presented in Brother White's previous powerful publication:
10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission.

We have come to love and trust Brother White and know that he was inspired to compile this information for so many who are in need during these changing times. These basic truths will help keep them on the correct path of activity and happiness. We are grateful for all his efforts - in behalf of the rest of us - to teach, instruct, and inspire. 

From the back of the book we read:

The Transition from mission life to the rest of your life can be a tricky one, 
but not if you use the principles you already know from Preach My Gospel 
to help you live the gospel everyday. 

This illuminating book asks penetrating questions to help you 
assess your spiritual and personal life progress and will help keep
you on track. Learn how to endure to the end and stay active your
whole life long with this must read book for all returned missionaries. 

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