Saturday, June 11, 2022


Yes, it's 5:00 a.m.  What am I doing up so early you ask? It's one of those 'sleepless' nights where you toss and turn a bit, pray a lot, seek help and guidance and mercy from the Lord.

It's been a long while since I've posted anything. Since marrying Mike my life has taken many turns in the road. Time in the past that was spent with the desire to share the gospel online and my testimony of the great love of the Lord for all of His children, has turned into other things. I have often wondered about my purpose, my role, my 'what' and 'why' and 'how'.  I think that is needful and purposeful.

Life has meaning. We each try to find ours.

Recently, with global events and calamities and wickedness and unrest, I have wondered how I could bless or strengthen someone else. Was there anyone out there in need of love, support, guidance, direction?

My thoughts often turn to my own family, my own children, and what each of them are going through. How can I best support them in their own trials and their own figuring things out?

I'm well-aware of the adversary to all righteousness whose entire goal is to destroy lives. He seeks that all men would be miserable like unto himself, and he does that so cleverly that they don't know he's leading them down that wicked path. He couches it in ways that make evil appear as good and desirable and....good appear as dumb or outdated or evil. It's totally opposite from happiness, though he has a way of leading people down that path that 'appears' to be desirable, only to find themselves increasingly at ill-ease and misery, and yet they don't realize how far they are from the only Source of real peace.

My life has been filled with difficulty and challenge. (perhaps someday I'll write more about that.) Because of that I've faced many decisions on which way to go. MOST Gratefully, I was taught as a child to turn to God. He has been my Rock; my Foundation; my Peace, Joy, Hope, Comfort. Without Him I would have never found the answers to life's greatest questions of Who Am I? Why am I here on Earth? What is the Purpose of Life? Do I have a personal purpose or mission to fill? What happens after we die? Will we live again? What will that be like? How can I find Peace in this life? Is there a God? Who is He and Where is He? Is He Real? Who is He? What is His Character? Is He a Real Person or just a 'feeling'?

Without a knowledge of the answers to these questions, it's no wonder so many are lost and suffering. It's the greatest quest and Joy to find out the answers to these questions. I am more grateful than I can even express, that He has given me to have found out these things for myself, and they have made ALL the difference.

Our Theme is: "It is Well with My Soul". If you want to know THIS video clip. It moved us both so deeply and changed our hearts forever. 

It is Well with My Soul